Our Specialty

We specialize in results not industries. We are experts in applying our proven process which means we are not limited by any one particular industry. Many may ask how creativity and imagination can be placed into a process.

The answer for us is simple.

We have a structured format for the types of components necessary to effectively impact the market. How we move through the process and develop the actual messages is where the creative fuel is ignited. In our process we understand the nuances of your market today, tomorrow and in the future. This guides us to create the types of messages that will matter and results you can measure.

  • Strategic Media Communications Plan
  • Reputation Management
  • Internal Intentional Relations Campaign Development & Implementation Plans
  • External Intentional Relations
  • Professional Speaking Packaging, Management and Contracting
  • Joint Venture Brokering / Strategic Relationship Management
  • Endorsements
  • Sponsorships
  • Event Orchestration – Red Carpet Events, Product Launches, Book Launches
  • Press Conferences
  • Mastermind Facilitation

Services We Provide

Who we work with

We represent clients in Lifestyle Brands, Hospitality Industry, Entertainment World, Corporate Sector and Arts & Culture Movement. We fully respect the confidentiality of our clients so we do not disclose our entire client roster. What most people want to know is the company that they will associate with when working with our team.

Our clients include some of the largest global brands, wealthiest families, top notch reality TV celebrities and coolest people doing great things in the world.   We work with the top TV production studios, major TV networks, recognized movie production houses and music icons.

We have proudly built our business through referrals. We only work with companies or individuals who are extremely passionate, dedicated and align with our guiding principles. We often assist clients in creating their guiding principles and as such, we walk the talk and uphold ours every day in every way by everyone on our team.