• Progressive brands and products looking to create a new lane, carve out a new niche and be disruptive in the marketplace globally
  • Those open to new marketing methods and eager to continuously adapt to the ever-changing marketplace
  • Boutique and mainstream brands


Lifestyle Brand Client Qualities

  • Unique story – top down (work with CEO/founder regularly and share vision and passion)
  • New/improved product or service (substantiates difference in market)
  • Positive impact on consumers (new experience, change lifestyle)


Health & Wellness

  • All natural, organic, GMO free Philosophy of management supports healthy living in an all natural way
  • Philosophy of universal laws, energy and the body’s ability to heal


Live on the Fun Bus of Life – Live everyday having fun. Focus on giving and receiving with friends, customers and in business. Bottom line, life is meant to be enjoyed!



  • Boutique or resort property in re-positioning launch or grand opening
  • Uniquely positioned in the market, looking to create stamp/seal of individuality
  • Work with management, company or property owner


  • Quality product, exceptional service and unique offering
  • Launching or re-positioning – seeking “fresh” approach and angle with endeavor
  • Location suitable to support marketing initiatives
  • Openness to new branding



Hospitality Brands Client Qualities

  • Brand incorporates aspects and elements of uniqueness, quirkiness &
  • Those looking to open/expand and launch new brand or product
  • Re positioning – must have unique qualities
  • Those looking to truly create an experience for guests that support a story

Positivity – Treat all individuals in all levels of all organizations, entities and situations with the utmost respect. Live, walk and talk in positivity. There’s no such thing as struggles or challenges, merely opportunities to pause, reflect and re-adjust.



Arts and Culture


  • Desire to help those get their voice out
  • Expressionist approach with desire for impact and monetary gain
  • Desire to support youth and young talent
  • Unique qualities and aspects that bring an eclectic flavor to a community


  • Ultimate desire is to enhance experience of those visiting
  • Desire to share with the masses in an environment that is positive, unique and friendly
  • Outlook is that lives are richer when able to pause and appreciate creative art…use this as a way to let people escape and de-stress

Art Galleries

  • Unique expressions of creative talent displayed with passion and a purpose to impact those who view the pieces
  • Artist has a desire to positively enrich a person’s life by viewing his/her outlook
  • Views artwork as a portal to transport a person to another dimension on earth…provide a unique experience and new view each time they view the artwork



Passion – Believe unequivocally in the mission, vision and purpose of the organization. Love what you do so deeply you will sacrifice for it.



  • Depth and passion, meaning for work far deeper than any role
  • Desire to leverage fame for a greater good
  • Commitment to oneself


  • Desire to be part of a movement
  • Fans are viewed as family and cherished and valued
  • Living legacy mode where music viewed as a vehicle to enrich and enhance lives
  • Desire to create memories for fans and unique experiences




Reality TV Celebrities

  • Desire to remain true to roots and desire to positively impact viewership
  • Passionate about message
  • Know who they are and value they bring


  • Passionate and may be considered selfless…desire to bring quality productions to life is more important than money or fame
  • Reputation is one of integrity, quality and caring
  • Projects that are soul driven