About Sheila Stewart, CEO

Sheila Stewart is often referred to as a serial entrepreneur and some say it is in her genes. Having grown up in a town of 60 people, Sheila watched her father build one of the largest commercial transportation companies in Eastern Colorado servicing farmers in a 500 mile radius. She learned how to build a business one relationship at a time, one day at a time.

She often jokes that she was born a rebel, living on the fun bus of life and being vocal. These qualities are with her today and have been foundational for her in building a global public relations firm. Or as she prefers to call it, an intentional relations firm that focuses on creating messages that matter and results that measure.   A refreshing approach that the firm’s celebrities, global corporations, lifestyle brands and entertainers appreciate. All of which meet the three minimum criteria Sheila is adamant about following when signing a new client. “They must be on the fun bus of life, positive and have a passionate purpose.”

No stranger to the advertising and PR world, it was 1999 when Sheila too her nearly ten years’ of experience and launched her first company, a full service international advertising agency. Her only assets were her tenacity and drive to succeed. In six years, she was able to build it to an award winning status with over 150 team members around the world working with clients such as Doubletree Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Parke Davis Prozak, TeleMatrix, Verio and Signator John Hancock.

She sold off the company in 2005 and took a one year hiatus, during which time she wrote a series of 24 books creating a marketing system geared specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners. For the next three years, she toured throughout the U.S. and Canada speaking and living her passion for marketing sharing the stages with the likes of Michael Gerber, Les Brown, Kevin Harrington, Christine Comaford and several other highly acclaimed speakers.

During that time she authored two additional books focused on entrepreneurship: Backwards in High Heels – A Woman’s Guide to Succeeding in Business (foreword by Dr. John Gray – author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and 99 Killer Business Ideas. Over the years Sheila has appeared on a number of major television networks – ABC, NBC, Fox and the Word Network – as well as on nationally syndicated radio and in various print publications. Sheila has also been recognized with numerous entrepreneurial awards, including the Top 40 under 40 (Denver Business Journal) and Top 5 Fastest Growing Companies in Colorado (CO Biz Magazine).

Sheila earned her BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Denver and holds a MS in Marketing from the University of Colorado at Denver. Based in LA, she lives a holistically balanced lifestyle and believes this is what provides her with boundless energy every day. She enjoys running, reading and organic cooking.   Her habits – enjoying wine with friends and collecting stilettos…in fact, her motto – the higher the heel, the more empowered you feel. She truly lives on the fun bus of life every day…as everyone should.