Messages That Matter. Results That Measure.

What we do is Intentional so it is done on purpose, deliberate, calculated, intended, conscious, planned, studied, willful and purposeful. We combine that with the purest meaning of relations – existing connection, significant association between or among things, connection between people or various connections in which people are brought together.

With our proprietary proven processes, not only do we create an intentional message, we connect your company and your message with an intended audience where we make a lasting connection. It’s about bringing people together who want to rally behind a movement, an initiative or cause that touches them or compels them to take action.

Messages that matter. Results that measure.

It sounds simple, but of course it does when you have a proven process and have delivered results globally for Fortune 1000 companies, passionate individuals and wickedly amazing causes.

What do we do?

Lifestyle Brands

Progressive brands and products looking to create a new lane,

carve out a new niche and be disruptive in the marketplace globally

Those open to new marketing methods and eager to continuously

adapt to the ever-changing marketplace

Boutique and mainstream brands


• Boutique or resort property in re-positioning launch or grand opening

• Uniquely positioned in the market, looking to create stamp/seal of individuality

• Work with management, company or property owner



• Quality product, exceptional service and unique offering

• Launching or re-positioning – seeking “fresh” approach and angle with endeavor

• Location suitable to support marketing initiatives

• Openness to new branding


Depth and passion, meaning for work far deeper than any role

Desire to leverage fame for a greater good

Commitment to oneself



Desire to be part of a movement

Fans are viewed as family and cherished and valued

Living legacy mode where music viewed as a vehicle to enrich and enhance lives

Desire to create memories for fans and unique experiences


Reality TV Celebrities

Desire to remain true to roots and desire to positively impact viewership

Passionate about message

Know who they are and value they bring



Passionate and may be considered selfless…desire to bring quality productions to life is more important than money or fame

Reputation is one of integrity, quality and caring

Projects that are soul driven


Board Members
Innovative and Pioneering Companies

Overall Client & Employee Qualities

We are extremely passionate about our clients, and we are committed to having a lot of fun everyday.
We call it “Living on the Fun Bus of Life”!

What’s in a name?

We call ourselves Sonic Seven Communications which brings to mind the sonic boom of high-speed air travel. Travel faster than the speed of sound.
It may conjure up images of Pilots who can make decisions while moving at speeds unknown to common people. About pilots who know what they’re doing, & about making the right decisions. Pilots who can react quickly to whatever they’re faced with. Pilots you can trust. Pilots you can count on.
A tall order, but we, as your “pilot” have the experience. So, for us on the Sonic Seven team, we won’t fail.
We plan before we launch, we strategize with you, we show you what to do, then we do it for you & you break the sound barrier with us. So we land on the runway of success together.
Why Seven? Seven is the number of perfection & completeness. We do the job at hand well, and we do it completely.
Sonic Seven Communications is the only company you’ll need for both strategy, marketing & complete implementation. One without the others just doesn’t get you off the ground.
The sky is not the limit…it’s just the beginning.





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