We start by building the overall strategy to support where a company and/or product is going. This is the foundation.

Companies seek one of five primary goals:

Once we understand the corporate goal, we build a strategy and plan with specific KPIs (key performance indicators), which are designed into the implementation components.  This approach allows a company to make better decisions, achieve goals and drive bottom-line performance.  


We have created 5 pillars which are critical to creating the Total Experience (TX) of a brand.

BX – Business Experience – This is where it starts and ends. Companies must track, measure and adjust to the external forces, your customers and your internal team. We build the KPIs into each of the pillars below allowing us to deliver the metrics in a dashboard including internal and external information so in real-time, executives can accurately evaluate, build and shape a company through solid business decision support tools.  

CX -Customer Experience – this includes both external PR and overall brand experience which generates brand loyalty. We help you build this AND measure it. This is the “extra sauce” in a corporate valuation. This is a measure of how customers feel about a brand. This takes into account the customer’s perception of an organization’s advertising strategy, brand reputation, customer service, pricing, delivery methods, product usability and the general sales process.

UX – User Experience – this focuses on the people that are directly interacting with a product or service through specific mediums which are typically an app, website, physical location or software. We identify, test and build the interaction with your product or service. We have a proven process we implement that is tracked, measured and deliberate. This includes:

  • UX research
  • Auditing
  • Developing user stories
  • Personas
  • Creating the journey map
  • Testing
  • Delivering a comprehensive analytics dashboard
  • Executive summary interpretation reports

EX – Employee Experience – this is where we build the corporate culture. We like to refer to this as internal PR (public relations). What your customers experience is a direct reflection of your internal team’s experience with your company. We utilize a combination of processes that have been proven in Fortune 100 companies globally.

MXMulti-Experience – the ability to deliver on all applications/platforms. We have a team of experts who specialize in the latest software, online marketing tools, advertising platforms, design tools, public relations techniques and optimization tools.